Injured At A Workplace Party Or Event?


Our epic Minnesota winter is finally over and spring is here. This is when our state comes alive and we all get outside as much as possible.


People will be outdoors enjoying parks, trails, and lakes. It also means that employers will start having company parties, softball games, happy hours, etc.


While these company parties and gatherings are meant to be a fun alternative to a workday or a way for employees to get together and celebrate another successful year as a team. Not all of the workplace celebrations turn out to be the relaxing event that they were intended to be.


Every year at company-sponsored events and parties there are misunderstandings, mishaps, and in some cases personal injuries or property damage.


While the laws that pertain to injuries, harassment, and property damage may seem very cut and dry at first glance, there are numerous addendums, clauses, and statutes that can dramatically change the way the law is interpreted.


This is when an experienced Minnesota personal injury attorney can help file a successful workers’ compensation claim.


When there is an injury that happens at, or during, a work sponsored celebration, party, or gathering, you should contact us for a consultation. We can help to determine if the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance would be the primary source of coverage. Some of the factors that could contribute to a successful workers’ compensation claim include:


  • Employees at the event were working
  • Attendance at the event was mandatory
  • Attendance was optional but employees who didn’t attend were penalized in some way
  • Employees were coerced or forced to attend
  • Event was located on company property during regular business hours
  • Event benefits the employer in some way
  • Company clients are also invited/present
  • Employees are paid or rewarded for attending the event
  • Employees were assigned to attend the event


Even in the absence of any injuries at a work event designed or intended to be fun, it’s always important to make sure that employees are reminded of appropriate harassment policies and that care is practiced, especially if alcohol is present at the event.

While these blogs are meant to be helpful and informative, they are never intended to serve as legal advice. Always consult a Personal Injury Attorney or a Workers’ Compensation Attorney for specific cases as details with any case always vary greatly.