Injured At A Workplace Party Or Event?


Our epic Minnesota winter is finally over and spring is here. This is when our state comes alive and we all get outside as much as possible.


People will be outdoors enjoying parks, trails, and lakes. It also means that employers will start having company parties, softball games, happy hours, etc.


While these company parties and gatherings are meant to be a fun alternative to a workday or a way for employees to get together and celebrate another successful year as a team. Not all of the workplace celebrations turn out to be the relaxing event that they were intended to be.


Every year at company-sponsored events and parties there are misunderstandings, mishaps, and in some cases personal injuries or property damage.


While the laws that pertain to injuries, harassment, and property damage may seem very cut and dry at first glance, there are numerous addendums, clauses, and statutes that can dramatically change the way the law is interpreted.


This is when an experienced Minnesota personal injury attorney can help file a successful workers’ compensation claim.


When there is an injury that happens at, or during, a work sponsored celebration, party, or gathering, you should contact us for a consultation. We can help to determine if the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance would be the primary source of coverage. Some of the factors that could contribute to a successful workers’ compensation claim include:


  • Employees at the event were working
  • Attendance at the event was mandatory
  • Attendance was optional but employees who didn’t attend were penalized in some way
  • Employees were coerced or forced to attend
  • Event was located on company property during regular business hours
  • Event benefits the employer in some way
  • Company clients are also invited/present
  • Employees are paid or rewarded for attending the event
  • Employees were assigned to attend the event


Even in the absence of any injuries at a work event designed or intended to be fun, it’s always important to make sure that employees are reminded of appropriate harassment policies and that care is practiced, especially if alcohol is present at the event.

While these blogs are meant to be helpful and informative, they are never intended to serve as legal advice. Always consult a Personal Injury Attorney or a Workers’ Compensation Attorney for specific cases as details with any case always vary greatly.

Slip And Fall Claims

As we near the end of February, most people start thinking about the end of winter and warmer temperatures on the horizon.

Well, for anyone who lives in Minnesota, we know that winter is just getting started and the chances for bitter cold and more snow are still high. Especially with the 6 more weeks of winter prediction after the groundhog recently saw his shadow.

And while more snow won’t cancel any parties or dampen the spirits of Minnesotans, it will be the cause of more shoveling, snow blowing, and salting of sidewalks, driveways, and steps.

Every year, people get injured from slipping and falling in the snow and ice. Before you pick up the phone and call your insurance agent and make a claim on your homeowner’s policy, there are a few important points to consider.

Did you or a relative slip and fall while on a sidewalk?

It may not seem like a big deal, but in most cities, sidewalks are owned by the city and not the homeowner. Many cities have their own local laws and ordinances that claim ownership of property adjacent to public roads. Quite often, this includes sidewalks. So if you or a relative slips and falls due to snow and ice on a sidewalk, identifying who is responsible may require the help of a personal injury attorney.

Did you fall in a parking lot?

This can also apply to walkways and parking lots for apartment complexes and condos. More often than not, it’s the responsibility of the building owners to take efforts to clear snow and ice and provide safe conditions for tenants and guests. That responsibility may have been delegated to a third party like a snow and ice removal company. Again, identifying who let the responsibility ball drop may require the help of a personal injury attorney.

These are just two common examples of the many slip and fall cases that happen every winter. There is a long list of places and scenarios where your fall injuries would be covered under someone else’s policy. If you'd like to avoid making an unnecessary claim to your homeowner’s policy, talking with a Personal Injury Attorney would be a good decision.

If you’ve been hurt from slipping or falling on ice, we can help!


Give us a call today.

Partial Insurance Claim Benefits

Partial Insurance Claim Benefits

If you were hurt due to an injury at work or during travel for your job you may be entitled to monetary compensation during your recovery as well as reimbursed wages for time away from work.

The natural thought process behind this is that after reporting the injury, the claim gets reported to the insurance company, someone from the insurance company will call you and ask some questions about the injury/claim and in a few days or a week, money will start coming in to cover your medical claims and pay you for your time away from work.

The problem with the above scenario is that it relies heavily on the assumption that an insurance company has your best interest as its primary focus.

As a personal injury attorney, I run into this misconception quite often and I have to educate many of my clients on how the insurance companies work. Nearly all of my clients have the same question when I meet them, “Why did my insurance offer to pay so little”?

Insurance companies exist to make a profit

It would be great if insurance companies were in the business of reasonably settling claims for injuries. The reality is that most insurance companies are very large corporations, and like most other large corporations, their main goal is to make money for their shareholders.

When an insurance company can decrease the amount of money they pay out for claims, they, in turn, increase their own profits and the profits of their shareholders. This often leads to insurance companies attempting to minimize their claims by offering a “partial claim” or a lower payout in the hopes that it will be accepted by the injured party.

This is where I would be able to help you. It’s my job to deal with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. I have been dealing with Minnesota insurance companies for 20+ years, I know what works and what doesn’t work and how to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you or someone you know has been hurt on the job and has received a low offer of compensation from their insurance company, call or email me to set up a free consultation and review of the injury claim.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of year. It’s a time for all of us to stop for a day or two and show our family how important they are by spending time with them.

Obviously, everyone thinks about the great food. And regardless of your famous family dishes, many of us have to travel to get to our holiday parties.

Travel during the holidays is normally one of the most stressful seasonal traditions. Crowds at airports are huge and traffic is normally worse than ever.

I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that not all of the Thanksgiving travelers are fully focused on what they should be doing. Driving safely. Remember that “accidents” don’t happen when people are concentrating on what they’re doing.

Please be extra aware when driving to your Thanksgiving or Black Friday destinations and have a safe, happy, and injury free Thanksgiving!

Unreported Workman's Comp Claim

As a Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Attorney, I see my fair share of pretty obvious cases and accidents. People always think that most of my job is dealing with clients who have been severely injured at work, hurt during a car crash, or, worst case scenario - the relatives of someone who lost their life during an accident. But the reality is that my favorite cases to work are the less obvious ones where a client doesn’t know that they can file a claim, or they’ve been told (incorrectly) by their boss that it’s too late to file a claim.

One of my past clients was a retail employee who hurt her back while stocking shelves during her shift. She mentioned to her boss that her back was hurting her and was told that she didn’t need to file a claim. The next day when her back was hurting her even more, she told her boss that she thought she should contact HR and report the accident and her increased back pain. My client was told by her boss that it was too late to file a claim.

I doubt that my client’s boss was trying to mislead my client. More often than not, people are simply not well informed when it comes to the details of a workers comp claim. And that’s where I come in. I’m not here to “go after” your boss or the company you work for. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m probably not the attorney for you. My job, as a personal injury and workers compensation attorney, is to make sure that you get medical treatment and reimbursed for any wages lost due to time away from your job.

If you or a friend/relative has recently hurt their back, shoulder, knee, or elbow at work and hasn’t reported it. Or has been told that they’ve missed their chance to file a claim, contact me for a free consultation. Together, we can find out what you may be entitled to and the best course of action to get the process started.